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Solo Exhibition

In 2007, I was commission to paint a series called Bamboos Of The World, which can be seen in Hong Kong HSBC central headquarter building lounge and bar area. This series provided the inspiration for my solo exhibition in 2008, “ 'Hidden Beauty' and 'Double Happiness' – Bamboos of the World” in Zee Stone Gallery, Hong Kong. I depicted 28 different type of bamboo around the world and was interview by South China Morning Post. The exhibition was a success and my painting were sold to Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Switzerland.


After my exhibition I continues painting as a hobby. I have been commissioned for store mural, office decoration, residential mural and portrait painting. 

Bamboos of the World

Painting Party

Group of 6 to 12 people

2.5 hours

Photo 2021-07-22, 12 50 01 PM.png

Art Studio : Happy Fun House 

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