Hi, my name is Nancy Wong.  I grew up in Vancouver, Canada where I studied Communication Design at the Emily Carr University Of Art And Design.

I am born in Hong Kong and raise in Canada, Vancouver. I studied under Nigel Szeto, a renowned Chinese Canadian artist. With him I learned Chinese ink, watercolor and acrylic. Subsequently, I enrolled at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Canada and graduated in 2002.

Majored in Bachelor of Communication Design, I worked for multiple international company for large-scale projects such as the Venetian Macau, the Hong Kong International Airport, and thew Hong Kong Shanghai Bank. 

In 2006, I started my mural project for a therapy room for children in Hong Kong. After my first mural, I continue on painting. 


In 2007 and 2008, I then went on to paint a series called Bamboos Of The World, which can be seen in Hong Kong HSBC central headquarter building. This series provided the inspiration for my solo exhibition, “ 'Hidden Beauty' and 'Double Happiness' – Bamboos of the World” in Zee Stone Gallery, Hong Kong. I depicted 28 different type of bamboo around the world and was interview by South China Morning Post.

I continues to explore Acrylic medium as well as work on commissions. In 2017, I did my biggest two-storey high mural titled “Birds in Paradise”. 

I am open to all sorts of design projects, freelance and contract work and collaborating with other artists and designers.


All copyright goes to Nancy Wong.