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Nancy Wong
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Experienced Senior Graphic Designer and passionate Art + Craft Instructor with a love for inspiring children through creative activities and as well as working on big scale visual design projects.


Nancy majored in Bachelor of Communication Design, graduated from Emily Carr University of Art + Design in 2002. Nancy spend over a decent in Asia working for multiple international company for large-scale visual signage projects in Hong Kong, Macau, and Shanghai.


Since young, Nancy had great passion in painting and Arts. At age 28, Nancy did her first solo exhibition in Central Hong Kong. Her paintings were sold to Hong Kong, Shanghai and Switzerland. Nancy continue painting for commission work and as well as freelance design.

In 2021, Nancy and her husband started an Art + Craft + Music workshop called HAPPY FUN HOUSE for children in Vancouver BC. They focus to offer children to an environment where they will be able to grow, learn, and play.
In 2023 she continue her study to farther her education to introduction in Art Therapy.

Yellow Wonder is combine with culture and expression. Wong ( 黃 ) is the Cantonese and romanization of the Chinese surname literally means Yellow. Wonder is an English noun for extraordinary or achievement.


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