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Handprint Lilies

I love the idea of turning a handprint into a flower! This craft is so simple, my 5 year old love making it on his own.

Materials you need:

* Pink and purple paper

* Scissors

* Pencil

* Glue

* Green and yellow pipe cleaners

Please follow our step by step image instructions. Hope you enjoy the craft! ❤️

Start by tracing the outline of your hand onto the printer paper.

Then cut out your handprint.

If you have any pencil marks showing on the paper, just use an eraser to carefully erase them.

Use a smooth ROUND pencil to curl each one of the fingers of the handprint outwards.

Curl each one of the fingers outwards like the image.

3” yellow pipe cleaner and one 6” green pipe cleaner. The ratio is yellow is half of the green pipe cleaner.

Bend the yellow pipe cleaner in half. Make a small "J" shaped hook on the end of the green pipe cleaner and loop it over the bend in the yellow pipe cleaner. Pinch the "J" shape in the green pipe cleaner so it tightly holds the yellow pipe cleaner.

Twist the two yellow ends together.

Take the pipe cleaner stem and place it in the middle of the handprint.

Curl the bottom of the hand shape into a cone wrapping around the pipe cleaner stem.

Using glue to hold the cone in place. The pipe cleaner needs to be snug, so make sure the hole is small.

Repeat all of these steps to make a small bouquet.

Once you made enough lilies use a ribbon to tie it all up into a bouquet.

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