Easter Craft Soap

Easter holiday is coming, planning to diy some pink and blue bunny craft soap for friends and family.

Here are the materials you need

* Shea butter (melt and pour) * Soap dye * Bunny silicone mold * Essential oils (3 drops) * Soap Cutter * Mold * Rubbing alcohol spray * Melting pot * Kitchen scale * Rubber spatula

If you don’t have a melting pot, you can melt your soap cubes in a glass measuring cup and microwave it in 10 seconds interval. For my bunny mold, I need 850 gram of shea butter melt and pour soap. Please check for your mold size on the amount of melt and pour soap you need.

Hope you will enjoy making craft soap at home. Stay clean everyone.

Tutorial Video

Easter Craft Soap

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