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It’s late September, entering Autumn, which means rainy season in Vancouver…That’s ok, because rain is a very important part of life. Rain is a natural phenomenon, it appears in the form of drops of water coming from the clouds and falling towards the ground.

Without the rain the cycle would be interrupted and the existence would not be the same since the soils would not be watered, the vegetation would not grow and the food chain could not begin. The earth temperature will also raise. Many more things will be affected when we didn’t have rain.

Meet Cloudy, made to hang around. We use it to organize our colouring pens. It’s a very simple craft using paper plates and ropes. Can try it out at home during rainy days with your children. Can talk about how cloud are form and why we need rain.

Here are the you need materials: Paper plate x 2 White, pink and black colour paper Blue and white yarn Hole puncher Scissor Glue Rule

Here are the step by step instructions.


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