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Story & Craft workshop by Dino and Nancy

Once upon a time... 


Nancy love making all sorts of arts and craft with her two sons. She have found that creativity help children to communicate better, and contribute immensely to their positive development. They often used recycle materials as craft ideas. Her boys love creative time, their creations are pure, passionate and magical. 


Dino is a professional musician, singer, song writer, and actor. During the day he is a rock and roll father, and at night he becomes a professional storyteller for his boys. Dino will reads out bedtime stories using his expressive voice and brings the characters to life. As time goes by Dino collected a lot of good and memorable stories that he had read to his two sons.


In 2021, Dino and Nancy spring up an idea for Story & Craft for children. They drew inspiration from the classic greek fables of Aesop. The short-yet-memorable fables lent themselves perfectly to what we needed – stories that were short enough to be read in one short sitting and with imagery so impactful and meaningful as to create a clear image in one’s mind — perfect for craft! 

Dino will read out fable story by Aesop, and Nancy will make a mix media art project inspired by the story with the children. Children will create the character illustration using egg carton, cardboard and all kinds of recyclable materials. This workshop has stimulated children's imagination using story telling. Here are the amazing and creative artworks the children have made!

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