In 2007 and 2008, I then went on to paint a series called Bamboos Of The World, which can be seen in Hong Kong HSBC central headquarter building. This series provided the inspiration for my solo exhibition in 2008, “ 'Hidden Beauty' and 'Double Happiness' – Bamboos of the World” in Zee Stone Gallery, Hong Kong. I depicted 28 different type of bamboo around the world and was interview by South China Morning Post.

I completed the first ever series of acrylic on canvas paintings depicting the bamboo. The paintings propose straight out the simple yet disarming beauty of this elegant and noble grass.  I picked twenty-eight out of over a thousand species of bamboo. Some were picked for their size and shape, others simply for the sheer richness of tones.


The series is my personal documentation of the amazing, yet humble bamboo. All throughout the painting process, the bamboo gave constant guidance to the painter. Its message of humility, flexibility and strength led her time and time again to a place of peace and tranquility. It is the very same peace and tranquility that Laisze wishes upon anyone who gazes upon these paintings.

"White Powder"
"Giant Bamboo"
"Red Temple"
"All Gold"
"Playful Children"
"Candy Cane Bamboo"
"Coming of Age"
"White Tiger"
"Hidden Beauty"
"Double Happiness B"
"Double Happiness A"
"Elegance and Paper"
"Tortoise Garden"
"Buddha's Belly"